ReuKNIGHTed 09

Arlington Highschool


Develop a brand and promotional assets for Arlington High School’s 10 year reunion whilst finding a happy medium between “urban” and classy, keeping in mind the school colors of black and gold.


An appealing comprehensive package with all creative and marketing collateral needed for Arlington High School’s 10 year reunion.



Creative direction ・Logo design ・Event Nomenclature ・ Promotional videos ・ Flyer and poster design ・Apparel (merch) design
Website development & design ・Event program design and print・Event ticket design and print


The original Arlington High School logo is a black and gold emblem with the school’s mascot, the Golden Knight, adorning the top.


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The new logo isolates the mouth portion of the face shield of the knight, using it as a base, the knight as a center focal point and old English type is utilized as to assist in blending the the old with the new.

Introductory Promotional Video

The first promotion was a logo reveal video announcing the reunion while setting the tone for the overall brand.

Software Used: Adobe Illustrator ・Adobe Photoshop ・ Adobe After Effects


Social Media Ad

Each day for 10 days leading up to the reunion a countdown of days remaining until the reunion was posted. For day 7, a comedic meme was created.



Three shirts were designed for promotional and fundraising purposes.  A metallic gold version and glitter gold versions were made. A full color version was designed as a special edition.

Website Development & Design

The website was designed as a one-page website, “one-stop shop” complete with all event information, nostalgic photos, a merch shop and registration for the event.

Event Program / Event Ticket

The program and ticket for the event were designed as one panel, with perforation to separate where the program and ticket meet. Guests secured their tickets by filling out an online form on the website and were to be given the hard copy at the door.