Paul’s Kitchen


Create a personal chef logo with dark, neutral colors without using the typical chef/food related objects, e.g. chef hats and eating utensils.

Question to client: How would you like to be perceived by others?

Client’s answer: “Clean. Simple (but different). Professional.”  [Paul’s Kitchen represents chicken with chocolate drizzle as opposed to just fried chicken .]


A clean, simple but creative logo

The base of the logo is anchored by an abstract plate encompassing the name “Paul’s Kitchen” which is displayed in a custom, hand drawn typeface. Drizzles stand in for the apostrophe and the dot over the “i”.


Logo design ・Business card design ・Menu design ・eCommerce (shop) development and design

Logo as seen on client’s website

Business Card

Smooth matte, full color business card with raised spot UV to accentuate the name, interpuncts and drizzle in the

 Application of Logo

Logo embroidered on chef coat


Logo applied to shirt design displayed on client’s online shop.

Embedded catering menu displayed on client’s website.